A multi-national vending operator improves operations and customer satisfaction with real-time service management.

"As a step-up from the handheld driven approach, where technical faults of a vending machine can be only detected, when an employee is standing by the machine, a European vending operator with operations in all major countries has introduced Cumulocity VendMe real time telemetry. Alarms and information about technical problems is available from vending machines immediately when a problem occurs. The alarms are prioritized and weighted in Cumulocity platform, ensuring that relevant information is passed on via email to the technical support team. The vending operator benefited from a notable reduction in machine outages and related revenue loss. Service Level / Availability reporting re-assures the vending operator and his customers about the superior service, which is the result of pro-active fault The operational manager said: "With Cumulocity VendMe we now really see the benefit and value of real-time telemetry data."

Watch your sales. Online and realtime.

What are my best selling products, where and when? Which machines need refill or service? How much cash is in the machines? How can I plan my workforce most efficiently?

Loss of power? Coin changer issues? Jams? Instant view on revenue-affecting issues.

Keep your service-levels and machines up and running. Know immediately through email when a machine has a critical problem. Get meaningful alarms, extensible and customizable through simple business rules.

Connect with your customer. With VendMe and PayPal.

Cashlass payment has never been simpler. Your customers just need a smartphone and a Paypal account. No specific hardware required.

Powered by Cumulocity. Device management, business rules, ...

Harness the power of the Cumulocity platform. Seamlessly interact with other Cumulocity applications. Interface your ERP and other IT systems through Cumulocity open APIs.


Cumulocity VendMe is provided as Software as a Service. You only pay a monthly amount per connected vending machine.
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Device manufacturers

Innovative devices meet innovative cloud software. Interface your vending machine, payment device, displays/screens with Cumulocity and VendMe and offer a complete package to your customers.


Be creative and don't bother with complexities of different machines protocols, machine configurations and device management. With VendMe's REST APIs, you can link snack and coffee machines to your application in minutes.


Bring innovation to your customers in your region. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a Cumulocity VendMe reseller.

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