The VendMe trial is run according to the following process:

Precondition check

After you sign up for trial, you will be contacted by the Cumulocity support to verify any preconditions for a successful trial.

You agree to provide a single snack or coffee machine that will be used throughout the trial. We furthermore assume that this machine is equipped with possibly optional extensions required for the trial (such as MDB, Executive, DDCMP or DEX modules). We will verify with you what cabling is required to connect the telemetry module to your machine. We will also verify the compatibility of the protocol versions supported by the machine and the telemetry device.

For using the VendMe software, you need a PC or equivalent device with a modern web browser (such as recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer).

The trial is subject to availability of devices and technical feasibility. You understand that we cannot guarantee an immediate trial possibility due to a limited number of telemetry devices allocated for trials. You understand that we cannot guarantee a successful connection of your vending machine in any case due to the diversity of available machine variants.

Telemetry hardware shipment

Provided the technical preconditions are met and telemetry devices are available, we will ship a telemetry device including required cables and connectivity to your address. With the shipment, you will receive an invoice of Eu 160 and a payment term of 90 days. You understand that shipment according to standard trial conditions is limited to European Union countries. Contact us in case of trial requests outside of the European Union.

You agree to mount the telemetry device when the device arrives, using mounting instructions provided by us. For technical questions, you can contact support@cumulocity.com. We will send you access details for the VendMe software by email.


The trial period begins when the first sales transaction arrives in the VendMe software, latest seven days after successful shipment is reported by the courier. It lasts 42 days. During the trial period, you can request support by contacting support@cumulocity.com.

You agree to be contacted by us once during the trial for getting your feedback on the ease of setup of the hardware and the usefulness of the software. Shortly before the end of the trial, we will mail you a reminder of the trial end.

End of trial

When the trial ends, you have the choice of either terminating or continuing your use of VendMe according to the standard commercial terms.

If you choose to terminate your use of VendMe, you agree to unmount and ship the telemetry device and all accessories to us within one calendar week excluding shipping time. You agree to bear the cost of return shipping. In case of return, the original invoice is waived. We reserve the right to invoice you for damages to the telemetry equipment.

If you do not return the telemetry device, we assume that you continue using the VendMe software according to the standard terms. Please note in particular the minimum contract duration and minimum number of devices to be connected according to the standard terms.

Hardware warranty

>While the telemetry device has been tested on hundreds of vending machines, we cannot take responsibility for damages of your vending machines.

Marketing usage

We may use your name, website, and other general contact information in a list of reference customers as part of, for example, brochures or on our website. You hereby grant us a nonexclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to use your name, website, general contact information and any trademark, service mark, trade name, other proprietary logo or insignia, URL, domain name, or other source or business identifier that you provide to us in connection with the trial.

Other terms

The standard web site terms, terms and conditions, and service levels apply to this offer.

Concluding remarks

Vending telemetry offers you a unique opportunity to better connect with your customers, run your service more efficiently and increase your service revenues. The actual telemetry device and the VendMe software enable you, but the main factor to really materialize these benefits is you. Take the trial as an opportunity to review the way you work and to think about your options to improve your customer service.